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True Home is committed to giving our Oceanside customers a service experience that meets their every expectation. To accomplish this, we do what few HVAC contractors are willing to do: we ask questions. We ask about your budget so we can share options within your ideal price range. We ask how urgent a breakdown is so we can prioritize it accordingly. And we ask if you have personal preferences while we're in your home to ensure your experience with us is a comfortable one. The bottom line: it's your experience. And we're here to make it a great one.

  • Licensed, NATE-certified technicians
  • 24/7 emergency service on all makes & models
  • 10-year parts and labor warranties on most installs

Our HVAC services:

AC Repair and Installation Services in Oceanside

For AC repairs, replacements and maintenance, True Home is the way to go! Our technicians go out of their way to give you a service experience that meets your every expectation. We don't make assumptions about the kind of service you want. We simply ask you about how we can make our visit a great one, and then we make it happen. If you need service after hours, we've got technicians on call to make that happen. If you have a particular request while we're at your home, we're ready to help. If you need that ancient AC to make it through one more blistering summer, we'll pull out all the stops to make that repair work for you. It's the experience you want. And we're here to make it a reality.

Our most popular air conditioning services include:

Oceanside residents trust the experts at True Home to give them honest repair diagnostics and installation advice all year round. Whether you're looking for a fall tune-up to get that old furnace through winter, or have questions on the latest high-efficiency heat pump systems which are available for homeowners, it's our job to make your experience the best one yet. Don't forget to ask about our best-in-Oceanside labor warranties!

Our most popular heating services include:

The EPA estimates that indoor air can harbor as much as 5 times more pollutants than outdoor air. Once pet dander, chemicals from household cleaners, airborne pathogens and other contaminants get inside your home, they tend to stay there. And that's bad news for your lungs! The good news is True Home is here to help you sort through the huge variety of filtration and air cleaning systems, both for single-room and whole-home use. Our experts make honest suggestions that take into account the needs of your home and your family. Plus, our experienced techs can install any product or system in just a few hours so you can have cleaner air fast.

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You've got answers. We've got questions.

The best service experience you can get is one you create for yourself. At True Home, we respect the repair and install experience of our Oceanside customers by asking relevant questions to help guide the process to its successful conclusion.

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Customer story in Oceanside

An honest "no frills" repair from True Home earns this customer's lifelong trust

Problem: When Kevin R.'s air conditioner of 16 years stopped working, his biggest concern was that he'd invite an overenthusiastic technician into his home looking to sell him a new system. Finding honest technicians can be a real problem for many homeowners. The good news? Kevin had heard about True Home and gave us a call to come out and diagnose the issue.

Solution: We sent out one of our best service technicians to diagnose Kevin's AC issue. After running a diagnostic on Kevin's AC, our technician discovered the problem: a broken capacitor. Rather than urge Kevin to consider a new system, our technician simply told him what the issue was and asked Kevin how he'd like to resolve it. Kevin chose to replace the capacitor and call it a day, which is exactly what we did. This no-frills, no-sales approach impressed Kevin so much that he plans on calling us when a replacement becomes necessary.

fixed it for a very reasonable price...

“They didn't try to push me into a whole new system, before its time, after our AC unit (16 years old) stopped producing cold air. They just came out (no frills), told me what was wrong (burned out capacitor), fixed it for a very reasonable price, and were on their way. So when our system truly does go out in the next few years, guess who's getting the business? True Home. ”

—Kevin R. | Oceanside

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